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How To Be Spiritual and Still Make Money

I meet a lot of people who see Spiritual and Money as two separate entities and they find themselves caught in the muck around these topics, which are not exclusive. You can have amazing business and have a strong connection to your spiritual self, or if you are not spiritual that is ok too. Money is NOT energy. Money is a measurement. It actually measures a specific thing.

We are often told Money is an energy and this can be really confusing. Money is like a minute, or a centimeter. Money measures value given to another human being in a way they want to pay for it. Value is increasing satisfaction or decreasing pain in someone else’s life. Whatever you give is re-given and then given again. Money is not about taking. In order to be giving money to someone you must be receiving value from that person. In order for a person to give you money they have already provided value to someone else and have been given money for that. In order to have units of giving they have already themselves added value to someone or something.

Money is a cycle of giving, it is actually really beautiful it is units of choice, units of giving. You don’t just sit with money in your bank account, you are going to give it. And so if you want a lot of it, you have to give a lot of value in a way that someone wants to pay you for it. In my business, which gross’s about 5 million a year I get to give a lot of money and can supply a great staff with great lives for their time, I can give to Facebook and put money into ads and marketing to get this work out to the world, I can give to charities and it goes out and comes back in.

I believe in Spiritual Entrepreneurship, where that give/ re-given cycle that we can be consciously a part of.

Most people come from working class societies, I did, and there is a lot of upset and frustration around money. If you were raised by the idea of giving up your life or what you love because you have to make money you are going to come to resent it. Your time is basically units of your life, and if you have to give up your life that you would not choose to do for free then you are basically giving up your life to get this thing you will have a very interesting relationship with money because you have basically had to give up your life to get it. I see everyday that this society really worships money, it is an obsession for people and is a focus for so many, it causes fights, frustrations, people are afraid of losing it, want to have more of it- and really it is just a measurement of choices. It shouldn’t affect you- you don’t change.

I realized this is such a huge piece- I stay the same regardless of if I have $5 in the bank or $5,000,000 or make a million a day- I am a good hearted person, I show up and share what I know and love, I play tennis everyday, watching the NBA, spending time with my wife… I am the same guy, money doesn’t change us. We have all these beliefs that having money will change us. And these beliefs come from that working class society- who do you know that has traded time for money- time for money- time for money. It seems as though this is the only choice that was available, which isn’t true but was a deep belief.

From this we have so many interesting beliefs, past hurts, some coding to the relationship with money and time:

  1. We all remember the time we couldn’t have what we wanted because of money.

  2. We all remember having to sacrifice what we truly wanted to go and get money.

  3. We all remember times of not having enough.

And from these places we have coded up a reality that “life would be better if we had money”. This coding made us really believe that we would change if we had money. With all of this muck comes the rejection of money because this idea that we would be different or change with money and then have to get it or take it to have gives money an unspiritual kind of twist or rejection. When we see it from this perspective it is so clear that this idea or belief is just not true. Having money is not a take, it is a give. It is a measurement of value, it is not about time being sacrificed. And not everything has to be a business, I have a few businesses from hair salons, to gyms and then I do this, share a message with the world which I absolutely love.

I find it so interesting that all of this- you can be 100% anything you want to be; spiritual, not spiritual, have money or not and it doesn’t have to do with each other at all.

I Would love some feedback on this idea of a new course I am putting together- Becoming a spiritual millionaire and create a whole program just on money.

The first step would be to neutralize these aspects of ourselves around money and recode or work on these themes:

  1. Our relationship with money

  2. Identity of money

  3. Structure of money

  4. Fears about money

  5. Beliefs about money

The next step would be, out of this neutralized place and experience of money what will you do or create to put out in the world to be given to, what service will you provide that people will receive in order to give you back money.

And lastly what will you use it for. Of course first you will have it and pay for what you have and however you decide to live your life and then how will you give it back- and the end life is all about giving. This is a true act of spirituality being able to give back in a big way.

What if we could find a way to enter this cycle where you could come to a place of giving to people where you solve a real problem for people and the money that comes back to you for that exchange so you could give it back out into the world in a way that gives on a larger scale to create change. What if that is what the world is waiting for just as much as we are all waiting for the 5th dimension?

And so here it comes- Spiritual Millionaire or Be Spiritually Rich! I like that one too.

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