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8 Steps to Becoming a Superconscious Creator

The following is adapted from You’re Not Broken.

Most people spend a lifetime trying to reach whatever end goal they’ve set for themselves. They seek financial abundance, a connected family, perfect health, and more. All too often, though, even though they work and struggle, people never reach the kind of success they hoped for.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Each one of us has the power to create any result we want in life. Once you learn the eight-step process, you become what I call a Superconscious creator, and you can create any life you want.

#1: Understand Your Unwanted Beliefs

Starting in childhood, we learn that we have to do something to get enough food and water to ensure our survival. We realize we have to do something to get love/attention from our parents, and we learn that we can do something to lose it.

This leads us to the belief that there is a way to be “better” and a way to be “less than.” We believe that we are limited, and therefore we need to do something to complete ourselves.

The first step in becoming a Superconscious creator? Becoming aware that we have these unwanted beliefs.

#2: Identify What Structure You’re Currently In

Once you are aware of these unwanted beliefs, you can identify what worldview/structure you’re in. Because of our focus on how we are limited, most people see life as a quest to find completeness or solve the negative beliefs/limitations.

This means the motivation for all our goals is resolving these negative beliefs. However, in this type of structure, we can never solve the negative belief about ourselves.

If your view of the world is this type of structure, don’t worry. The next step will move you out of it.

#3: Move to a Creative Structure

To move towards your goals without sabotage means letting go of limiting structure and creating a new way of being in the world. You must define yourself as a powerful creator, not a powerless victim. This is the big turning point.

You do not need to be anything other than who you are to create everything you desire. You can orient from a place of power and have everything you desire now.

To shift into the creative orientation, you come from a place of already having what you desire, instead of a place of lack or problem problem-solving.

#4: Step Through the “Wizard’s Gate”

Now that you’re out of limiting structure, you’re ready for the next step: stepping through the “wizard’s gate.” This is the process of opening to the present moment. It is like a doorway of your perception, where you drop into your heart-awareness, or innocence, and become connected to your Superconscious.

When you go through the wizard’s gate, there is nothing that can make life better. You have reconnected to the unified field. You are everything. From this point, you can shift and change any instructions you have coded into your reality, and you can access Superconscious awareness.

#5: Claim the Magnetic Moment

Once you have stepped through the wizard’s gate, you are ready to claim the magnetic moment. This is the moment when you have everything now; you create from a place of already being what you desire. You become 100 percent in alignment with your desire.

You can absolutely be happy now, fully satisfied in life, and inspired to create more. Many people have only ever been motivated to do something based on how it will improve their life; by claiming the magnetic moment, you have it all now and let go of your old structure.

#6: Reorient Yourself With 4 Core Choices

Once you’ve claimed the magnetic moment, you need to reorient yourself fully to your new structure by making four core choices:

  • Choose to live your true nature and purpose.

  • Choose to be the predominant creative force in your life.

  • Choose to live a life you love.

  • Choose to be healthy and vital.

Making these choices results in a new reality, a new structure, and a new orientation.

#7: Create Your True End Results

There are many things you could focus on creating in this lifetime, but only some of them are what you truly love. Creating what you love is the priority of the Superconscious creator.

Ask yourself what you would really love to create for no reason, other than you would just love to have it. This is your truth. This is why you are on the planet, and there is nothing more fulfilling than turning your highest desires/loves into reality. This is when life becomes so much fun!

#8: Live a Superconscious Life

Now, you have the ability to turn thoughts into things. You are connected to the moment. You are truly satisfied with what you have, and are in joy creating more. Life is magical.

Now all that remains is to live this way from this point forward. When you do, you will have it all, and you will be able to manifest anything and everything you truly desire!

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