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Higher Self



Progress report! Wow!

I am not bothered by my ‘’outages’’ as I know the meditation is still being heard. Certainly life is changing.

I am seldom aware of the previous negative stuff and lots of past emotions not in my conscious awareness have been coming to the surface to be cleared. 

 I have felt a renewed energy and motivation and one tale I must tell. Two days after our work together I ended up in St Andrews Centre, and found myself blissfully wandering around shops, not to buy, just to look. I never do that. I became aware of how much I was enjoying just  meandering then noticed what was also different was I was walking fairly normally and standing up straight. Very little pain. I felt so good I ended up walking all the way home – that’s the furthest I’ve walked in four years. I went to the mirror and hi-fived myself, several times. I felt so good I went back and started to complete a training offering I had been holding back on for some time. I have now put it “out there” and the response is good.


Do you get the idea? I can’t thank you enough for plugging me back in to the grid.


I could go on Jacqui – the difference between before our session and afterwards has been awesome.


And I am not daft enough to think that’s me all done and dusted.


So thank you for just now…


With best wishes

Just want to say what an amazing difference Jacqui has made for me. She is truly gifted and I can’t thank her enough. 

She cleared a huge emotional blockage which was causing various health problems. Both the physical and emotional have released. I’m so very grateful. I feel re-energized, confident, positive and myself again!





I just wanted to let you know of a transformational session I had recently, some of you may know Jacqui Hoitingh (Bowen Instructor) already but as well as Bowen she works with the Mind/Body connection and clearing things holding you back. She also runs a weekly membership Club to help you shift your mindset, stay positive and grow your business. I had mentioned on one of those calls what had been bothering me for a very long time, it was suggested by another colleague that I get on a 1 to 1 session with Jacqui to clear this. 

She listened to my issue, found what was underlying (that I didn’t quite comprehend if I’m honest) but up until the one on one clearance whatever happened during that session I have to call out to the world and anyone who listens how potent this has been for me and for what I have done since, ..BUT the biggest Bain of my existence for a long time has been physically and energetically removed and I now know that it’s not temporarily which is my choosing.. and I have chosen that it’s gone for good and will not stand in my way or unconsciously sabotage my future goals and prospects ..

Since then I have moved forward with confidence, I know where I am going! I joined a Business Meeting Club (which I would never have been brave enough to do previously) . Business has increased as well as how I feel about myself and which direction I am going.

I have been well and truly recoded thanks to you Jacqui Hoitingh and your magic and to you Holly Purcell, you motivated me to ask Jacqui for her Help .. we are all very fortune to be part of a group that is going to take girl power to another level.

I had a session with Jacqui last week to help me prepare for my first public speaking since lockdown as I was feeling very apprehensive. The session was such a peaceful experience. I'm not very good usually at listening to my higher self but with Jacqui's guidance I could feel the connection very clearly. She removed a block created by a previous experience that I hadn't realised was unresolved. Afterwards I felt very calm. I decided at the last minute to write a completely different talk about brain health and the structure and points came to me very easily. My husband was concerned about the rewrite as the last time it took me 2 weeks and much anxiety! This time it flowed and only took 2 hours. The talk was really well received and I can't wait for the next one! I also did my first Facebook live this week. Thank you so much for giving me my confidence back. X 





 Jacqui’s public speaking call was calm and nurturing. She gently takes you through the process of clearing obstacles and gaining access to your higher self for clarity and flow to weave its way back into your life. My first speaking event since the training is tonight and amazingly I don’t feel any anxiety! Thank you Jacqui.

 I've always really struggled with public speaking, even in front of people I know well. The session helped me overcome the majority of this issue, much more than I could have imagined.

Jacqui is very friendly and immediately put me at ease, I'm blown away at how easy and relaxed it all was..

Thank you Jacqui, the public speaking session was incredibly helpful, you are a gift to the world.



Art Testimonial



I live a wonderful, abundant, magical life but a couple of weeks ago an incident occurred that was not my choice, that knocked me sideways. It was a two pronged issue that profoundly affected me both in my business and family life/loved ones and I felt traumatised and helpless to know what to do, where to go, what to think and was not coping with the terribly painful emotions it stirred up. I booked a session with Jacqui in desperation to find a way to process my emotions. It was THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE! Jacqui listened to my dilemma, she then went through her pendulum work to identify the actual emotions that were driving my reactions, for the family relationship first and then for the business situation. It was a revelation and a clarifying experience to identify these emotions. Then the hard bit that makes you cry. . . . She took me back through my life and past lives to re-live the birth of these emotional responses I had formed in different situations! Wow! It was deep, but incredibly enlightening to see where these responses came from! After this she literally re-programmed my brain to replace these negative feelings and responses with positive ones! Literally, just like that, she did it and it was like waking from a nightmare! The situation I was facing was suddenly crystal clear, not loaded with emotion but something I could work through to find creative & practical solutions without the tidal wave of pain & negative emotions! Truly wonderful! I would recommend Jacqui’s technique to anyone for anything! I’m certain her method could help anyone who was suffering from negative and limiting beliefs, often people don’t even realise they have negative emotional responses! Jacqui can identify them and replace them with positive ones, making your life better in every way, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment. I’m eternally grateful for Jacqui’s help and feel ready to move on in my life, thank you

How I feel about your work. I was not sure what to expect at first ,it's hard to put into words and tell people what you have studied and put together over your life of learning and experience, but very soon I was completely relaxed and then you can create the idyllic and gorgeous nurturing space I need and dissolve doubt and worries away to uncover the truth that there is infinite options and answers when we are in a love state and wrapped up by your expertise and energy. Suddenly the resistance and worrying is gone to reveal our dreams and lots of ways they can be possible. We can focus then on the end goal. The best possible outcome and then we can allow and trust the universe to bring it to us . It's like you take away all the how, why, but, should and could and then we glide to our goals . The individual sessions are deep work that dissolved pain, past trauma, limiting beliefs and habits to reveal paths towards the goal, travelling with blissful energy. So I guess my opinion is that you remove all the crap that's not real that we surround ourselves with and set us free in creative mode xxxx I feel warm ,wholesome, nourishing energy, safe , wise energy, intuitive knowledge, a lot of education, liberated ,released ,free , grateful, joyful, my self worth rising daily, It's like you set us free and it's because you have an Intention for us and your work ,passion for your teaching and a bog beautiful heart. You understand the universe and translate that for us all xxx



Bowen testimonies

I've been waiting to share this with so much excitement. I’ve posed and had my portrait painted with the very beautiful and talented Jacqui Hoitingh ... AND I LOVE IT, I LOVE ME! My very own painting of me. Thank you so much for capturing my energy, symbols, tattoos and words with the beautiful session we had (I enjoyed this so much) and asking my higher self was so fun and relaxing. I feel you really caught me with your brush and put my essence into this painting.

It feels so magical, personal and I feel really loved !!!

So grateful. these words we find in Jacqui's sessions inspire us to be a better, more content version of ourselves each day. It's about the love and healing with Jacqui too, what a brilliant experience. I think this would make a wonderful present too!!! Jacqui will now be putting a price on these magical paintings available to purchase for yourself or for an amazing bespoke gift !!!!!

Thank you Jacqui for my gorgeous lovingly took the time to personalise the experience by delving into my wants and desires regarding colours, symbols and spirit animal guides. The result was the creation of ME, or rather my alter ego as a Celtic Goddess, who gently guides me into taking action, while reminding me of my unique, innate strengths and qualities. Thanks again Xxxx



About a year and a half ago I went to Jacqui for treatment with Bowen Therapy. The reason was persistent pain in the neck and shoulders. Jacqui always receives you in a calm atmosphere, you don't have to undress and hair treatment is pleasant and relaxing. But at the same time very effective. Already during the first time Jacqui saw that I had difficulty with certain movements because of the trembling of my right hand. She started talking about this problem, we looked for a possible cause (I was already with been a neurologist but he couldn't do anything) and she gave exercises that made me control could get over this shaking. It helps me a lot. For example, now I can write smoothly again. If I notice the pain or trembling coming back I always go for one or two repeat sessions, and with success! So ....... I can recommend Bowen Therapy to everyone.

Since spring 2021 I suffered from a shoulder injury; it limited my movements and was in so much pain that I could no longer play the violin or exercise. This is a very drastic situation; I feared that I could hang up games and sports for good. Physiotherapists did their very best, for months I was under treatment but my shoulder problem did not go away.

Encouraged by a mutual acquaintance who greatly benefited from the treatment, I volunteered for Bowen therapy To my surprise and delight I felt almost no pain after just one session with Jacqui and had a much greater freedom of movement. After the 3rd treatment I have the violin out of the box again after all this time and I play completely without shoulder problems. Reborn!

Monique Elsen

Testimonials from a few happy clients

Mags Thomson

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