Just want to say what an amazing difference Jacqui has made for me. She is truly gifted and I can’t thank her enough. 

She cleared a huge emotional blockage which was causing various health problems. Both the physical and emotional have released. I’m so very grateful. I feel re-energized, confident, positive and myself again!


Progress report! Wow!

I am not bothered by my ‘’outages’’ as I know the meditation is still being heard. Certainly life is changing.

I am seldom aware of the previous negative stuff and lots of past emotions not in my conscious awareness have been coming to the surface to be cleared. 

 I have felt a renewed energy and motivation and one tale I must tell. Two days after our work together I ended up in St Andrews Centre, and found myself blissfully wandering around shops, not to buy, just to look. I never do that. I became aware of how much I was enjoying just  meandering then noticed what was also different was I was walking fairly normally and standing up straight. Very little pain. I felt so good I ended up walking all the way home – that’s the furthest I’ve walked in four years. I went to the mirror and hi-fived myself, several times. I felt so good I went back and started to complete a training offering I had been holding back on for some time. I have now put it “out there” and the response is good.


Do you get the idea? I can’t thank you enough for plugging me back in to the grid.


I could go on Jacqui – the difference between before our session and afterwards has been awesome.


And I am not daft enough to think that’s me all done and dusted.


So thank you for just now…


With best wishes


Testimonial: Both on How the Club works and a 1-1 Session

Mags Thomson

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