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Ready to Level up the Way you're showing up in Life?

I empower Wise Warrior Women to unleash their voice without held back trauma stored in the body, so they can show up Authentically in their Biz & Life.

I work with your Higher Self (and mine) to clear the path so you can step into flow, ease and you just feel ‘’I got this!” Feeling Authentic and unstoppable.

If you are ready for a life you just love, one that feels easy and enjoyable and you would just love to:

  • Know exactly in detail what you want, where you want life to take you

  • Re code those limitations and traumas, patterns and beliefs so that you can

  • Understand how the Universe can help you once you align your frequency

  •  Unlock your Uniqueness

If this sounds like something you would just love, then let´s connect

Your Higher Self knows exactly what you need, what is holding you back from being your Wonderful Authentic, Magnificent Self.

We often have patterns, beliefs holding us back, some from childhood and some that have even been passed down via DNA from your ancestors. Once these are cleared you feel a light freedom. They no longer hold you back and you can take that Action that’s needed to make real changes in your life.

I just wanted to let you know of a transformational session I had recently, some of you may know Jacqui Hoitingh (Bowen Instructor) already but as well as Bowen she works with the Mind/Body connection and clearing things holding you back. She also runs a weekly membership Club to help you shift your mindset, stay positive and grow your business. I had mentioned on one of those calls what had been bothering me for a very long time, it was suggested by another colleague that I get on a 1 to 1 session with Jacqui to clear this. 

She listened to my issue, found what was underlying (that I didn’t quite comprehend if I’m honest) but up until the one on one clearance whatever happened during that session I have to call out to the world and anyone who listens how potent this has been for me and for what I have done since, ..BUT the biggest Bain of my existence for a long time has been physically and energetically removed and I now know that it’s not temporarily which is my choosing.. and I have chosen that it’s gone for good and will not stand in my way or unconsciously sabotage my future goals and prospects ..

Since then I have moved forward with confidence, I know where I am going! I joined a Business Meeting Club (which I would never have been brave enough to do previously) . Business has increased as well as how I feel about myself and which direction I am going.

I have been well and truly recoded thanks to you Jacqui Hoitingh and your magic and to you Holly Purcell, you motivated me to ask Jacqui for her Help .. we are all very fortune to be part of a group that is going to take girl power to another level.

- Alice Birt

This Program empowers Wise Warrior Women to unleash their voice without held back trauma stored in the body, so they can show up Authentically in their Biz & Life.

Put simply, Bowen initiates the healing response in the body.  The movements intervene with the brain’s signals to prompt the body to let go of tension, stress and emotional baggage.


My Art as well as my Therapies are intended to Inspire & Empower, my paintings are imbued with Light frequency and positive energy.

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