Ready to Level up the Way you're showing up in Life?

Do you often feel you were "meant for more", something bigger, a true Purpose? And you know your Mindset has a lot to do with this, but you just know you are missing something as things aren't moving as quickly as you'd like. If so... then you're going to love The Magnetic Mind SuperConscious Recode because it's changing how people rewire their minds to become a magnet for everything they desire, Would you love to know how to re program your self limitations in under 10 minutes?

As a Magnetic Mind Coach here is how I can help

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Magnetic Mind Online Course

Magnetic Mind Online Course: This is a platform with all the information you need to become a magnet for all you deserve. Chris Duncan is the creator of Magnetic Mind and is really revolutionising the Mindset World with his SuperConscious Rapid Recode. In this online University you can learn how to get a clear focus on your Goals and maintain that focus and if limitations (negative beliefs) come up, you simply recode them.

As well as an intense training course there are about 20 Meditations and about 20 different recorded Recodes. There will also be a live Monday meeting with me to revisit those True Choices that maintain that FOCUS which will help you keep on track, this is also recorded should you miss it.

women discussion group

intimate Group

 I also offer intimate Groups of 4 ladies, we do an extra coaching call with a Recode plus Q& A  and anything else you need on a Thursday so you have more of a personal touch. It's also very useful to help and hold each other accountable and there will be a Messenger Group for all communication. This works well and it's great to feel the community and that you aren't alone.

Holding Hands

1 on 1 coaching

If you are the sort of person who loves the real personal touch then having a coach helping you along 1 on 1 might be your preference. We have an hour to spend each week (as well as the Monday group Goal setting). We can do recodes of anything that may be holding you back and really discuss in detail your issues. You can also email and Whats App within reasonable hours if you are having difficulties. 

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