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Magical Mind Re-Set

This session helps you to overcome Limitations that may hold you back in life. Fear of Public Speaking or even standing up for yourself.  Whatever it may be holding you back, this method very gently and with the help of your Higher Self can dis-associate these emotions that are linked to certain events. I can even ask that your SuperConscious goes back to the original event (often created in childhood) and clear this, the memories remain but no longer with the emotional attachment, so you can make better choices and feel more Confident.

  • Feeling not Good Enough

  • Not feeling Worthy

  • Need to be Perfect

  • Not Capable

  • Feel don't Belong/fit in

  • Feeling Insignificant

This session is carried out over Zoom, 


€150 (1hr)


Bowen Therapy

Jacqui is an Instructor/Trainer in this Therapy.

Bowen is a holistic remedial therapy which works on the fascia (soft tissue) to re- balance the body's alignment. In my opinion it can get faster results than other treatments, especially for alignment but also organic issues. Your body just seems to understand the messages and can correct itself without need for heavy treatment, so it is gentle and suitable from babies to the very elderly and can be carried out through light clothing.

  • Back Pain/Alignment

  • Neck & Shoulder Problems

  • Migraines/Headaches

  • Sports Injuries & Performance

  • Fertility, Babies & Children

  • IBS, Digestive issues

  • Stress & Anxiety and Low Energy etc.

I can also offer Remote treatments over zoom (Energy Work)


€65 (1hr)

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