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Updated: Oct 28, 2021

The truth is, we are manifesting ALL the time. We are always an energetic match for something.

Trouble is most people are actually manifesting things they DON’T want but un intentionally.

There is no good / bad or right / wrong when it comes to manifesting. All there is is deciding

what you want, working through the limiting beliefs that says you can't have it, being in the

vibration of your desire, and taking the inspired action you are given.

The Universe works on frequency, whatever you put out, it matches, so when you attract things

that you do not like, this just shows you what you've been a match for, and where you have

work to do so you can keep clearing your shit out of the way.

The Universe isn’t a person, it isn’t some God, it isn’t trying to punish you. Sure I believe in God

and Cosmic forces and Devine entities. It isn’t being unfair to you. The Universe is simply a

match for who you are, it responds to your energy all of the time.

It drives me nuts when people try out my Higher Self Activation Club to intentionally Manifest

then give up in like a couple of weeks. You have to have FAITH that it’s on it’s way to you. Even

if it doesn’t show up in the time you had hoped for, just hold onto the thought it’s on it’s way.

If you think of it as that faith and belief and expectation adding up and adding up and then

Woosh! It appears in the physical world.

So keep that Faith, if those pesky limiting beliefs show up, deal with them, if you struggle I can

help with Recoding them but keep on asking for guidance and try to move on from that doubt

and fear and move back into believing and knowing it’s on it’s way.

You just have to choose what you want-Think new positive thoughts- FEEL new feelings and

shift into Believing! You are worth it!

When you believe it’s yours, it’s already done in the Spiritual realm and it’s just a matter of time

before it shows up in the material world. You only have to keep believing.

You are manifesting all the time so just do so intentionally and make it a daily commitment. It

does require a bit of changing your identity, to stop doubting yourself, to feel you are indeed

worth it and that’s why my Club works wonders.

We think of what we wish to Manifest, then what steps we need to take to each week and we

write them down, you write down what you intend to complete and if you need that extra

accountability you can buddy up and send each other your list and the following Monday, you

ask what did you complete from …..

It really works, you are honoring yourself, showing up and setting intentions, that is powerful.

We set the goals as I clear any negativity or doubts from them and we replace with self - empowering thoughts. We also do a meditation or a magnetization. We are taking ACTION

each day towards our goals and that’s how to Manifest. Without Action nothing will manifest.

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