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Do you relate?

What every Therapist ought to know about Physical pain!

As humans we ALL have wounds which in turn formed beliefs about ourselves

One of the main Unconscious beliefs many Healer and Therapists have is- “I am Unworthy, I deny my own needs and I only feel validation helping others”.

This really is something I see often in my coaching clients, I can relate although mine was more about. Not Good Enough. This is also one of the most unconscious beliefs we adopt.

So where do these unconscious beliefs originate you ask?

Mostly, all the way back to childhood, when we couldn’t really put things in perspective. Something would be said to you as a child which made you feel unworthy.

Perhaps something as innocent as asking, and being denied that 2 nd helping of dessert. Or that the adults were offered first and only if anything left were you able to have that dessert.

You believe you just aren’t worthy enough, or important enough to just deserve it.

Once beliefs are formed then our unconscious mind will always show you evidence of what you believe to be true. So if you feel unworthy then incidents or people will show you this.

We don’t like this feeling and look for ways to feel better about ourselves. In childhood we may be the kid who does things in order to make parents or people feel better, so they are praised.

For instance, making things, taking care of things or people. So the BIG Question is how do we ever move away from these unconscious choices we made that really hold us back?

Well that’s what I have been working on for the last few years. As a Bowen Therapist and Instructor I would see physical issues that sometimes were very difficult to treat. The reason was the client wasn’t ready to shift the emotional connection.

You see when we are wounded, traumatised in childhood it is SO painful and we don’t know how to deal with the emotions. We bundle them up (as just too painful to look at) and we shove them down deep in the body, burying them.

They periodically will try to get your attention, if you don’t listen to the emotional triggers then the body will manifest a physical pain. Hoping you will realise that the pain is simply a reflection of the emotions that are unacknowledged.

The physical pain, if asked to describe in words, are a huge clue. Unfortunately we have never been taught to recognise this connection, neither in medicine nor in life!

There is a mini version of you stuck in the body screaming for your attention to be accepted,

acknowledged and loved and validated.

Can you relate to this yourself? See it in your clients?

If you want to know more about this, to help yourself or you clients (or both), then jump on a FREE call with me and I will tell you more

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