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If Your Life Isn’t Going the Way You Want, Change This One Thing

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

The following is adapted from You’re Not Broken.

If you’re like me, you were born into a problem-oriented family (and society). If that’s the case, chances are high you feel your current reality is not enough. You’re focused on creating “something better.”

If that describes you, you’re in good company. Every client I have ever worked with seems to have these unwritten rules of “the future will be better,” and “now is not enough.”

The problem, though, is that when you come at life from a problem-orientation, you’re very limited in your ability to shape and change your life. If you really desire to create big end results, you need a whole new way of thinking. You need to learn how to live in a creative-oriented structure instead of a problem-orientation structure.

I’ve walked thousands of people through the process of changing their structures. I’d like to share what I’ve taught them with you too, so you can break free of what’s been holding you back from a life you truly love.

Problem-Solving Structures Versus Creative Structures

Changing from problem-solving to creating is huge. It is the difference between a lifetime of struggle and self-sabotage, or a lifetime of joyful creating.

Explaining the difference is easy; practical application is the difficult part. Structure is created where you put your original intention. If you put your focus on what you desire first and then take action towards it, you are in the creative-oriented structure.

If, on the other hand, you are sitting around thinking about what is wrong with you/your reality and then deciding you must go and solve that, your first intention is to solve a problem, not create. This is the problem-oriented structure.

The results from these structures are very different. By focusing on creating, you allow a flow or a pull towards what you want to create. By focusing on problem-solving, you oscillate back and forth like a pendulum and never get anywhere.

Where Are You Putting Your Focus?

You can see the problem-orientation everywhere in our society, from the war on drugs to fighting cancer—everything is focused on the problem. The problem with focusing on the problem is that, as the creator, you are observing the problem into reality.

When you are solving a problem, you are taking action to have something go away: the problem. When you are creating, you are taking action to have something come into being: the creation.

By observing the problem, you bring it into reality. You create a “point of observation” in the field that you then try to solve.

The problem-focused structure will never give you the results you want. You will never solve the problem because the solution only exists in polarity to the problem. That’s because structure has integrity and will create the end result it is designed to create. If you want to create your true end goal, you must learn to be in the creative structure.

Step Into the Flow

If you are worried about a certain problem, you have given it your power, and therefore you are in a powerless structure and will not create what you desire. You will only create more of what you want to avoid.

It is time for you to shift into a creative-oriented, flowing structure that moves your current reality to your desired reality with ease. The key to creating a new structure is to switch your focus and live the emotion of your end result now. I like to say you must be it before you see it.

When you are in the flowing structure, you feel the same whether you have the thing you want or not. You arrive at success and failure feeling the same. The feeling is the key, because that is the domain of the identity.

This structure results in the path of least resistance being the correct action to close the gap. To shift into a flowing structure, you must shift your focus because your focus creates your structure, which creates your reality.

Focus on What You Love

If you are in the wrong structure, don’t waste your time and money trying to create a result. You will only find yourself moving in the exact way the structure allows, and nothing you can do will change that.

If you want out, then change your focus. Shift to focusing on what you really love, not on the problem you’re trying to solve. Remember, you’re the same person whether you have what you want or not. There’s no problem to fix, there is only moving from your current reality to a different one where you create the thing you want to achieve.

For more advice on how to move from a problem-oriented structure to a creative-oriented structure, you can find You’re Not Broken on Amazon.

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