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Why Letting Go is the Only Way to Get Where You Want to Be

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

The following is adapted from You’re Not Broken.

Imagine if, in order for anything to be true or valid, we had to understand exactly how it works. Of course, that’s not how the world works. I mean, think of all the billions of things that work without you consciously understanding them.

But the reality is, most of us, deep down, do think this way. There’s a part of almost everyone that really believes, “If I don’t understand it, it can’t be possible.”

This part is our Self-Conscious, and to it, everything must make sense. Your Self-Conscious wants clear, linear steps. It likes to know how things are, and it doesn’t want to make errors. The problem is, the Self-Conscious can’t understand the infinite potentials of the universe.

If you want to find happiness in your life, you have to let go of trying to work it all out. As ludicrous as it might sound to your Self-Conscious, that’s the only way to step out of negative patterns and get where you actually want to be.

This can seem foreign or daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve helped thousands of people let go and get on the path to their perfect life. Now, I’d like to share the process with you.

The 3 Aspects of Mind

Understanding how and why to let go starts with understanding how our mind’s aspects work. We all have three aspects of mind: the Self-Conscious (thoughts), the Unconscious (feelings), and the Superconscious (infinite intelligence).

Getting information from the Superconscious field is always going to be faster than trying to use your Self-Conscious. This is because your Self-Conscious only uses your lifetime experience to make decisions, whereas the Superconscious is connected to infinite intelligence. It’s obvious which aspect will make the better decision.

Listening to the instructions you get from your Superconscious and following through is the hard part because your thoughts and feelings will lie to you. Thoughts and feelings are based on memories picked up in this lifetime and are totally limited, because they are only based on this one lifetime.

The Superconscious does not have thoughts or feelings. It is a field of all information, so to become Superconscious, you must let go of your thoughts and feelings.

Allow Yourself Not to Know

All your new knowledge lies outside of what you already know. By needing to know everything, you slow down your ability to learn what you don’t know and to receive the truth. If you want the truth, you must allow yourself not to know. Allow yourself to receive what is there without judging or trying to work it out.

It sounds funny, but the Self-Conscious thinks it can use Newtonian reasoning and break everything down into pieces. By understanding a small piece of something, then it can understand the whole. The absurdity of this is obvious. Imagine trying to understand a human being by examining a strand of hair!

What’s the result of the Self-Conscious? When you get genius ideas, it will lie to you and try to say the idea is stupid or won’t work. It will try to create a narrative or look for proof. It will always try to plan and work everything out. It believes it knows what is possible, and in that belief of knowing, it can knock you out of the Superconscious field.

Your Unconscious can cause just as much damage. It keeps a record of the past and helps you make decisions in the present. The Unconscious only has one desire—to keep the body alive; to do that, it looks to repeat past conditions. Unfortunately, often these emotions have no basis in reality.

For example, when you see an attractive person on the other side of the bar and want to talk to them, you will likely feel a shot of fear from your Unconscious. This fear makes no sense, as the other person is probably nice and would engage in a conversation. However, your fear of being rejected is stronger than the logic, and you decide it’s safer to just order another drink and stay with the people you know.

Let the Baby Cry

What is great about the Unconscious is that it can easily be reprogrammed. You can use the emotion of the end result to teach the Unconscious that the future you desire is safe. You can ensure there is no emotional difference between the now and the desire.

When there is no emotional difference, then the correct action can occur. If you feel good standing at the bar with your friends and feel good walking up to the attractive person, you have no resistance. So, if you want to, you just take action.

As you decide to follow through on the things that really matter to you, old patterns of information and former decisions will pop into your active experience, causing resistance. You must learn to stay focused on the end results and “leave the baby crying.”

As you do this, your Unconscious will literally kick and scream to keep its limitations—like a baby. Your Self-Conscious will cry out that you have to know before you can take any action. Again, you must leave it crying. You must step into the end result, notice the crying, notice the resistance, and follow through anyway.

Get Where You Want to Be

Chances are, as you start to practice this, you’ll come up against a lot of places where your Unconscious will create resistance. You’ll notice that your Self-Conscious pops up to tell you that you have to understand and know before something will happen.

When you notice this—when you notice your inner child acting up—leave it crying for attention. At first, it may seem hard, but trust me: don’t waste time or energy trying to work it out. Simply let it go and move on to where you want to be. You’ll be able to get where you’re going, and what’s more, eventually the tantrums will stop.

For more advice on how to achieve your end goals and create a life you love, you can find You’re Not Broken on Amazon.

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