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Higher Self Activation

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Empowering Wise Warrior Women to quantum leap, embrace change while you navigate this 2nd Phase of your life is my Mission!

You may be turning over a new leaf in your life but basically you feel it´s time for YOU!!

It may be for different reason, kids left home, maybe you left that corporate job, or new career, maybe menopause has kicked in or maybe you are on your own now.


Whatever it it is, you are at that stage where you feel "There has to be more to life than this?" 


You truly are at a crossroads and ready for change. 

Wherever you are on your journey, support is at hand so you can navigate this 2nd phase of your life, stepping up to that Wise Warrior Woman who is fully aware and ready to create a life that feels fulfilling, creating inner peace as you drop the traumas and limitations of the past. This is my Passion, to set you FREE.

Establishing what it is you truly want, a life that you LOVE and bringing you that long craved for Peace.

I help you switch off that voice in your head that prevents your HAPPINESS, of feeling More than ENOUGH!

This Transformational journey will be for 16 weeks.

This will take you from feeling "There has to be MORE", that time in your life when it really should be just FOR YOU! Time to take back control, Time for you to really step into your Best Self, feel Fulfilled and at Peace. If this is what you are looking for then

Let´s Do It!

What you will get :

Online training sessions to really give you a NEW perspective. A more positive way to look at what you have been creating up until now and how to change it. These modules will give you a great basis and our weekly session will bring BIG Changes if you do the work. The time commitment isn´t too demanding. Changes in your routine, remembering to connect, do your breathing and stay Present are super important. The HOW for this is all in the Online part.

The Weekly Calls will create BIG change, try to free up this time in your schedule for the 16weeks as being LIVE will bring you lots, your attention is more scattered when watching a replay (which will be provided).

If you really want to free yourself both Physically and Emotionally then this is for you. This could well change everything for you. Often our childhood traumas which were not able to be put into perspective by that your young child's mind. You decided that incident meant you weren't worthy or not Enough and these beliefs became our programs. We believe them to be true and create time after time situations that prove it.

For instance if your parent abandoned you as a child, you may create relationship after relationship of people who do the same thing, even your friends. But this can all stop if we heal the core trauma that created this program. This can change everything including what you feel you deserve in money, people, time and all other aspects of your life.

Is it time for YOU? Time for Peace and a Fulfilling , Happy Life?

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Image by Fallon Michael
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Image by Samuel Austin
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